How to make Sundakkai Vathal?

How to make Sundakkai Vathal?

Sundakkai Vathal |Sun Dried Turkey Berry

Sundakai is an iron rich vegetable. It is good for health. It is known as turkey berry in English. It increases body’s haemoglobin level. We can make vathal and store it for one year for further use. Sundakkai vathal is a key ingredient for vatha kulambu. We can fry it and use it as a side for curd rice.

Here is a quick video

Sundakkai – 1 cup
Curd – 1 cup
Salt – 1 tablespoon
Clean and wash sundakkai. Break the sundakkai with stone. Dry in the direct sunlight for 2 days.

Add salt in the curd and mix it well. Then soak it in the curd for over night. Next day dry in the hot sun.

In the evening soak it in the remaining curd. Repeat the process till curd vanish. Then dry in the hot sun till crisp.

Whenever you want you can fry in the oil and serve with curd rice.

You can make it without curd also.
You can use it in the vathal kulambu.

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