Butter tea recipe

Butter tea recipe

Butter Tea / Paleo Diet Recipes

Recently I happened to make 12 paleo recipes for aval vikadan
kitchen for their Paleo diet special. It was a wonderful experience for me, as
I was new to this paleo stuff. I referred various books and happened to  see Neander Sevan’s Paleo Diet book. I
referred and I made 12 new paleo recipe for them.

Now only I am planning to post one by one for you. Paleo
recipes are supposed to give more nutritious and reduce weight in the long run.
You can also try and benefit out of this new thing.

Butter tea is  a nice
and simple paleo recipe. You can try for breakfast and you will got the
benefit. As it contains butter you will not feel hungry by taking this. Try and
share your experiences by way of comments.

Preparation time                                -5 minutes

Cooking time                                       -10 minutes

Serves                                                   -1


Milk                                                       -100 ml

Water                                                    -100 ml

Butter                                                    -1 tablsp

Sugar                                                     -½ tsp (optional)

Tea powder                                          -1 tsp


 Add all the
ingredients in a pan. 

Boil for about 10 minutes. 

Strain and serve with paleo


Sugar is not in the paleo diet. If you want you can add
little at first. Then you can reduce gradually and stop.

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